Shipping a Car from State to State

Moving is a daunting task in itself. The process is more challenging when you have to move from one state to another and take your belongings such as vehicles with you. Interstate moving in the US requires some serious preparation and know-how. You need to understand state laws and make sure you have the right insurance. You also need to prepare your car for shipping and find out the cost implications. Here’s an in-depth discussion about the process.

What you need to know about transporting a car from state to state

Shipping a Car from State to State

State laws/regulations

Every state has its own laws/regulations on interstate shipping a car from state to state. Automobile inspection guidelines also vary from one state to another. You are bound to avoid inconveniences and save time by checking what your new home state laws and regulations say about automobile inspection and registration beforehand. You can find this information by checking with the Motor Vehicles Division in both states to ensure your car is ready for transport and use when it arrives. Most states in the US have online Motor vehicle agencies which have information on shipping a car from state to state. It’s important for your car to comply with the state inspection criteria of the new state so that it passes inspection seamlessly. You can avoid all the hurdles of ensuring you comply with the new State’s laws and regulations by choosing a reputable stress-free nationwide auto transporter.


State laws and regulations aside, you need to ensure your car insurance covers any risky eventualities that can happen when your car is being transported from state to state. When dealing with a reputable interstate automobile transport company like HAULCARS, you don’t need to worry about transit risks since the company has all the relevant insurance covering such eventualities. HAULCARS also has an impeccable delivery record and highly skilled and experienced drivers. It’s advisable to call your insurer before transporting a car from state to state if you’re not working with a company like ours, Most automobile transport companies don’t cover what typical car insurance policies fail to cover in transit situations.

Preparing your car for shipping

Transporting a Car from State to State

Understanding state and insurance laws isn’t enough. You must prepare your car for shipping. Preparation takes many forms. For instance, you may be required to change car fluids such as your car’s coolant when moving from a warm to a cold state. You may also be required to get new tires, repair visible dents, defects and problems for your car to pass inspection. Preparing your car also involves removing all valuables and personal belongings/documents.


Cost is another crucial factor to consider. The cost of shipping a vehicle from state to state varies depending on a several factors. One, the auto transport company you choose has a significant impact on the cost of transporting a car from state to state. If you are interested in paying reasonable charges without compromising anything, consider reputable auto transportation services companies like HAULCARS which charge fair prices but still have an excellent safety and delivery record. Although the overall cost of moving your car from state to state will vary depending on distance, the age of the car, model, size and weight among other factors, a good company will always offer better services at a cheaper rate.

Bill of Lading/Condition report

Before you take delivery of your car after transportation, you must inspect it thoroughly for any damage. This must be done before you sign the condition report and Bill of Lading. A good automobile transport company offers transportation services with guarantees that there will be no scratches, dents or paint chips on your car. If there are any transportation damages, you should contact your auto shipping company before taking official delivery of your car.


Punctuality is another important factor to consider when shipping your car from state to state. Your auto shipping company should deliver your car within the stipulated time frame. You can excuse justifiable delays that last a few hours; however, anything more than that is unacceptable.

Furthermore, you need to establish the time you have to register your car in your new state. States like Florida give newcomers ten days. Other states like New York offer 30 days. You must beat registration timelines after taking delivery of your car. Alternatively, you can do this in advance or choose highly recommended nationwide auto transportation services and have everything done for you!

If you don’t wish to deal with all the hurdles that come with transporting cars from state to state, choose HAULCARS. On top of offering the best car shipping prices in the US, our services come with a 100% money back guarantee. Our services are also insured and we cover all states. Get a FREE quote.

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