Price & Payment
When you choose to pay with PayPal or Credit/Debit Card, there are transaction fees that require payment to ensure proper treatment for payment to reach its intended destination. 
No. Transporting a vehicle is a Tax-Free service. The amount seen on the invoice/load agreement is the price required to pay. 
Yes, the discount will vary upon further review of details you provide our Transportation Dispatcher. All vehicles must occupy space within the same trailer, going from and to the same locations, to qualify for a discount. For additional information please speak with one of our Transportation Dispatchers. 
Terms & Conditions
Yes, We can provide this option if necessary. If you prefer this option, you can provide Our Dispatch Team with a specific pickup or delivery date and time which is most suitable for you. Dispatcher will then arrange for Our Driver to arrive promptly by the times provided by you. Along with this option, if you choose to accept this specific times there is will be an extra cost involved to guarantee your pick up and drop off time frames . Please speak to Our Dispatch Team to get a estimated rate. 
Not necessarily, but it is always in your best interest, and Ours, for you to be present at the pickup or delivery. If you cannot be present at both pickup/delivery, please arrange for either a family member or friends, to meet the driver on your behalf. That person must sign-off along with preforming a written inspection with the driver documenting any type of damages or conditions the vehicle may be in, before and after the pickup/delivery. Once you have chosen a third party to represent you in this process, please provide all necessary contact information to our Dispatch Team.
Yes, We can transport a Non-Operating vehicle, depending on which functions in the vehicle are non-operable and which functions are. If you choose this option it may affect the estimated rate, depending on the details we ask for when transporting Non-Operating vehicles. Please speak with Our Dispatch Team for more detailed information. 
Yes, We provide the option to pickup/deliver as physically close as possible, to your residence, that Our trucks can get. 
When you choose to ship your vehicle with an enclose trailer, the walls of an enclosed trailer will provide significantly more protection from sun, water, snow, dust, rocks, etc., than a open trailer can provide. Though the estimated rate will vary for an enclosed trailer, you can definitely trust that your vehicle is noticeably protected.
Yes, for more information on delivering these types of vehicles, please contact Our Dispatch Team. 
Yes, to some extent. We transport vehicles around the great North American Region, in reference to only USA and Canada
Cancellation Policy 
The refund process time frame for completion depends on the method of payment. In general, a refund would take anywhere from 2-4 business days. Based on whether we do a cash/check deposit, bank-to-bank transfer or send a check by mail, the estimated time will vary. For a more reliable time estimation, please call Our Dispatch Team. 
No, you are not required to provide a reason for canceling your transportation order. We understand completely that many variables can cause someone to cancel their vehicle from being transported.
Additional Information
Yes and No, Depending on the specific modifications done to the vehicle. Please notify Our Dispatch Team with any modifications. Some modifications may not be suitable for the trailers available. 
No. We can transport your vehicle with or without the license plates.
Terms and Conditions