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Haulcars.Com Corp provides open auto shipment across the country. Open car shipping is the least expensive option available in car shipping. This type of car shipment is the most common in nowadays. The driver arrives to your pick up location as close as it is possible. Sometimes the streets are too narrow for such big trailers and you can meet the driver at more convenient place. You or our friend has to be there at pickup to sign paperwork and together with the driver do an inspection of the vehicle. The inspection is an incredibly important aspect of shipping a car; as it gives you a safety net should anything untoward happen, while your vehicle is shipped. You will note any existing damages on a little slip of paper or electronically, in order to know what the car was like before it was shipped. After inspection is done, the driver will take pictures of the car. Then driver will drive your car slowly up the ramp, place the car in park, apply the parking brake and secure it with fasteners and security chains.

There are 3 types of open auto transport:

- double level multi-car trailer;

- single level multi-car trailer;

- single-vehicle dually truck with a tow trailer.

Double level multi-car trailer is the most common auto transport trailer. It is better choice for discount auto shipping because they can haul more vehicles at once over greater distances. They can haul 7-10 vehicles. If your car has modifications or lower clearance, it is better to hire a single level multi-car transport trailer. It is a flatbed trailer designed for one or more cars and it is a preferred shipping method for any modified or non-running vehicles. Single-vehicle dually truck with a tow trailer is used for short distances for towing services.

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