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There are many reasons that someone may need to transport a car a long distance. You may sell a car to someone in a different state and need to get the car to them. Car transport can help you to accomplish this goal. There are many reputable businesses out there that will ensure that this car arrives safely. Moving across country into a new home is another time that you may benefit from auto transport. When you are moving, you may have to fly to your new location. There are times that you may have to drive your moving truck, rather than your car. Auto transport can deliver your cars to your new city without driving them at all. They will be loaded onto a truck and transported without accumulating any miles during this journey. Car shows can be a lot of fun if you own a car that you love to show off. Instead of placing many miles driving your show car to each show, you can use auto transport to get your car to any show location you choose. There are some great options for transport that can keep a car very safe. You can talk to each transport company about this type of car to see what services they offer.

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Your car delivery is completely insured by the trucker’s cargo insurance. We also provide our own backup insurance to give you double protection while moving your car.

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Plans change when you’re shipping a car across country—and we understand that. If you need to cancel your vehicle shipment, it’s OK. You’re covered by our Money-Back Guarantee.

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