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Have you just spent a fortune on a brand new Mercedes Benz, Maserati or Ferrari? Or maybe you are a classic car dealer, and you need to transport your pricey vehicle to the next auto show. How are you going to ship it? Not many transport companies out there are dependable for luxury car shipping. And this fact drives you nuts. You want a trustworthy car transport company. You want a company that can guarantee the safety of your high-end vehicle during transit. Don't stress. Haul Cars insured auto transport services will bring those precious wheels to you wherever you are safe and sound. No damages, no incidents.

Haul Car transport services

The industry of luxury car transport can be frustrating. Finding a company with an excellent reputation is hard. And it's probably hard to get the right people to work with. People that appreciate your tastes and style and the price for the same. That is why we stepped in to fill this gap. We share our client's desires, we relate to their worries, and we understand their fears. Because of this, every move we make is precise. There is no compromise on the quality service you will get. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Door to door delivery
  • Many perks come with door to door delivery of expensive cars. For starters, owners are saved from the hassle of having to pick up their vehicle from a set terminal. At Haul Cars we provide you with quality delivery services that are worth your time and money. Once you submit to us your address and the pickup point, we will ensure the vehicle gets to you in time. You don't have to interrupt your schedule; we will bring the car to where you are.

  • Enclosed Transport
  • Enclosed transport is essential to protect the car from damage while in transit. In this type of transport service, you can rest assured everything will be perfect when you get the vehicle. The integrity of your vintage car is preserved and protected from outdoor elements. As it happens with many transporters who stack cars on top of others, your luxury car might get damaged by oil leaks from vehicles on the upper deck. With our enclosed transport services, your posh vehicle sits in a comfortable space free from oil leaks and scratches.

What makes us special?

We are not like any other company in the industry. Your car's safety and security come first to us. We understand that luxury vehicles cost an arm and a leg, and so we employ the best safety measures. With us, shipping trucks are safely locked during the move. We make sure that security cameras have been installed on the transport trucks to minimize the risk of theft while on the move. Then again, we use GPS tracking for the transport vehicles to ensure that they get to their destination without accident or incident. Security measures can't be enough if an auto transport company has untrustworthy employees. At Haul Car, we do a thorough vetting of our transportation staffs. No employees have ever been involved in a theft, and so your costly investment will reach you in one piece. If your vehicle happens to have valuable things, none will be missing by the time you get the car. All personnel involved in the shipping are honest, reliable and professional. How can you believe that? Here is how; when you hire us we avail to you the details of everybody who will handle the shipment. For a peace of mind don't hesitate to look them up.

The best transport company to hire for your luxurious car is one that provides transport insurance. This should cover all damages and loss that may arise while on the move, Haul Cars is an insured luxury car shipping company. You can be sure of protection or compensation for damage costs on your precious cargo. At Haul Cars, we offer you the most reliable car shippers. We work with several trusted posh car shippers locally, across the country and overseas. When you get in touch with us, we will offer options near you. Just provide us with information about your car make, size and pick/ drop destination. With us, you get competitive quotes from reliable car shippers that can meet your requirements.

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