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Car shipping is a genuine concern when dealing with luxury or exotic cars. Consider someone who buys a 1966 Ford GT replica and pays to have it restored to mint condition: would they be comfortable hauling it inelegantly behind a mover’s truck or weaving in and out of interstate traffic? Probably not. If you’ve invested money into collecting a specialty or luxury car you need to protect that investment; and exotic car shipping services exist for this same reason. With the right company, you can move your car across state lines and get it delivered to your location in pristine condition, without a worry in the world.

What is a Luxury Car?

This term «luxury car» is used across the board to describe many types of vehicles. The term itself suggests an expensive model with high quality equipment and parts, detailed design, great construction, optimized performance, or other innovation that makes the car stand out. The bottom line is you will have to spend large amounts of money to acquire the vehicle. In the U.S. luxury cars are classified under specific segments: entry level, mid-level, high-end and ultra. Examples of ultra-luxury cars would include brands like Bentley, Maybach, Rolls Royce, and Maserati. Cars such as Mercedes E-Class, Lexus GS, and the Jaguar XF are in the mid-level category.

How do you ship a luxury car?

Having a luxury car shipped isn’t the same as shipping a box of spare parts. The car has to be carefully placed onto a vehicle carrier or loaded into a covered semi-trailer and entrusted to a reliable relocation specialist, and then transported gingerly across state lines. Shipping luxury cars doesn’t come cheap, and as such, this isn’t a job you can entrust to any old truck driver. Luckily for you, our company is specialized in moving expensive cars across the country and we guarantee that the car you love so much will be delivered at your home safely and intact.

Types of shipping options

Unless you’re moving several houses across the street, you most likely won’t be driving your cherished car thousands of miles to your home. And this also means you won’t trust just any person to drive your car; so you’ll need to hire a professional company to ship it for you. This way, you can leave the shipping concerns to experienced people who can take care of your property and handle it responsibly.

There are a number of ways to ship a luxury car. Let’s take a look at the most common methods of shipping vehicles:

  • Open air trailer – they are large (70-80 feet long) and usually carry multiple vehicles, two levels high, secured by a chain. The trailer is pulled by a large truck. This is the cheapest way to transport a car and also the worst way to transport a luxury car. The vehicles are exposed to the elements and are often vulnerable to all kinds of road debris and extreme weather conditions. It is not recommended for transporting a luxury car.
  • Enclosed trailer – when transporting sports cars or other antique vehicle, this option offers added protection and security. An enclosed container has four walls and a roof and is built with shockproof material to cushion the cars against any impact. This is a safer way to transport expensive cars.
  • Air freight shipping – when shipping internationally, you can get your luxury car delivered to its destination much quicker than by sea. People with very specific shipping needs may be able to ship by charter plane to avoid having the car delayed in transit. It is an expensive option but it gets the car to your desired location fast and unscathed.
  • Ocean freight shipping – this method is commonly used when shipping vehicles overseas. Vehicles are loaded onto a container service or driven onto the ship and secured within a containment desk. The container service offers better protection by sealing the vehicle inside a closed container and then carefully rolling the container onto the ship.

Preparing to have your luxury car shipped

We know that you are a luxury car owner with discriminating taste and as such, we are prepared to handle any rising concern before or during the shipping process. But before you hand over the vehicle, there are a number of things you need to do first:

  • Remove all personal belongings inside the car and leave it completely empty. All non-factory equipment must be removed; including items in the consoles or glove compartment.
  • Protect the antenna or other loose items on the car.
  • Wash the car to facilitate accurate inspection.
  • Make sure the car has some fuel (at least ¼ tank of gas).
  • Record any and all damage already existing before scheduling any shipment.
  • Switch off any anti-theft systems installed in the car.
  • Document the mileage on the odometer.
  • Record extensive video of your car, the carrier truck, the trucker, etc., in case of any disputes.

A few tips to know

Car shipping companies have use high-tech GPS tracking systems so they can keep you informed on the location of your car at any time. Keep in mind that your car insurance doesn’t cover shipping, so communicate with your insurance provider about different coverage is there’s need. When the car is being unloaded from the transporter, take photographs or videotape everything including the tires and odometer. When the shipper and receiver thoroughly document the vehicle at the point of shipping and at the point of receipt, it makes the process of seeking a reimbursement claim much more straightforward.

Average cost to ship

The amount of money you pay to ship you car is based on the size of the vehicle, the value, and the distance it will be shipped. Enclosed transportation is typically more expensive than the open variety – but if you’re searching for exotic car shipping services then a small increase over the cost of open shipping won’t really break your bank. Remember, if you have someone other than you receiving the vehicle, forward the checklist over to them for inspection. The right vehicle shipper can make transporting your prized luxury car to its new home much easier.

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