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One of the most innovative developments in the auto industry has been the introduction of electric cars. The United States has the second-largest population of electric cars, with about a million of them on the road. Shipping an electric vehicle is simpler than you may imagine.

The Beginning

There are many reasons why you might want to ship your electric car. Research is the first step you should take when thinking about shipping your electric car. Your car is probably your second-most important asset, and like most people, you want to make sure it is in the right hands. At Haulcars, we only employ experienced drivers to reduce the possibility of issues.

How To Get Your Electric Car Ready For Shipping?

While there are notable differences between electric and gas-powered vehicles, preparing your electricity is not very different. So that the driver can thoroughly check it for damage and discrepancies, we usually ask our clients to clean the car's exterior. For the driver to be able to load and unload your car from the trailer, make sure it is at least 50% charged. Consider shipping items in your vehicle if you're moving. According to the Department of Transportation, you are allowed to transport up to 100 lbs of cargo with your car. Make sure the cargo is secured in the trunk or rear of the car and that nothing is behind the driver's seat.

The Cost Of Shipping An Electric Vehicle

Stop feeling fooled into thinking you will have to pay more for auto shipping if you have an electric car. The lithium-ion battery caused some worry when electric cars first appeared on the road. There have been a few situations where electric automobiles have caught fire as a result of overheating. This made carriers standoff or charge you more for shipping an electric car. Many safety improvements have been put in place to prevent this from happening. High-tech safety features, like liquid cooling and sensors to disconnect the battery in an emergency.

Be ready to pay a little more, as electric cars are heavier than non-electric vehicles. The car weighs a lot more because of the massive battery and motors within it.

Choose HaulCars

At HaulCars, we guarantee a stress-free service if you need to transport your electric car. To reduce the margin for errors and to ensure open communication, we work only with experienced drivers.

Call us right now if you have any questions or would like to request a free quote from HaulCars.

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