How Does Enclosed Car Hauling Work and How Much Will It Cost You?

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Despite its benefits, hardly many individuals opt for enclosed car shipping or hauling. Many car owners are unaware of the differences between enclosed and open shipping and base their decisions only on cost.

The procedure of enclosed automobile transporting will be described in more detail in the following paragraphs, so read on if you're interested in learning more about it.

Enclosed vs. Open Car Transport

The most well-liked technique of car carrying is probably open transport or open car hauling. It's the best option for domestic delivery, but not for international shipment.

The majority of the time, an open transport entails loading the vehicle onto a sizable, unrestricted trailer or truck carrier. Depending on its location, it might have some protection above and below it, but the sides will always be exposed.

There are several ways to move an enclosed automobile, but they all include protecting the car from the elements. Due to the limitations of enclosed trailers, air freight, and cargo ships, this mode of transportation includes moving fewer automobiles at once.

The idea that covered car transport is slower than open hauling is popular. The truth is that the delivery time isn't greatly impacted by the mode of transportation.

It may be argued that because so many automobiles are being sent at once, open shipping takes longer than covered car transportation. The delivery may take up to a week longer than the first vehicle on the delivery list if your location is one of the final stops on the intended itinerary.

Covered auto transport might be a lot quicker in that regard. Your automobile may arrive at its destination sooner with the covered car transport service because there may be fewer drop-offs.

More than only the manner of transportation affects the delivery timeline.

Prime Advantages of Covered Vehicle Transportation


Without insurance, shipping a car is perilous. When moving a vehicle on an open trailer, theft is a constant issue. While the trailer is parked and the driver is taking a break, thieves might easily get into a car.

Because a thief would need to find out how to enter the enclosed trailer first, enclosed car transporting significantly reduces theft. Additionally, since fewer automobiles are transported in enclosed trailers, drivers tend to take fewer breaks, which reduces the window of opportunity for cargo theft.

Cars are shielded from harm as well. When you stop to consider it, shipping by road is fraught with danger. Your car may be scratched, chipped, or dented by flying road debris. A car accident might cause even more harm. And that doesn't even take into account what being outside can do. The cost of repairs increases with the price of your car.

Because your automobile is protected by four walls, a roof, and a floor during enclosed car transport, it offers significant defense against mishaps, debris from the road, and severe weather.

Better Protection

Not all auto carriers are prepared to obtain higher levels of cargo insurance and liability coverage than the bare minimums needed to operate legally. Because the vehicles are safer during transportation, a covered car transport service provider can be willing to pay more for coverage.

This makes it more probable that you'll discover enclosed auto transporters with enough insurance to pay for significant damage to or entire loss of a classic or expensive vehicle.

Gaining this benefit when taking public transportation is quite rare.

Additional Specialized Services

Do you want your car to get from point A to point B as fast as possible?

You frequently receive considerably better treatment if you choose enclosed car hauling. The loaders, the driver, and the customer support agents all treat you and your automobile with the utmost respect throughout the shipping process. Consider them to be your Ritz Carlton's concierge staff.

You can also locate experienced professionals to handle and ship unusual, customized, and non-operational automobiles. When you wish to ship an automobile using an open trailer, it can be difficult to obtain these services.

Although they are incredibly beneficial, hydraulic lift gates are rarely utilized to transfer cars into open trailers. Lift gates are a necessary service for non-operational cars that cannot be guided or driven onto a conventional ramp.

Low-clearance vehicles must be moved safely and without damaging the undercarriage, which calls for the use of lift gates.

Exceptional Stability

It may be argued that enclosed auto transport companies go to great lengths to safeguard the vehicles of their clients. Because of this, this service usually often entails chaining down vehicles instead of using nylon straps.

Chains are more difficult to utilize and may even call for a certain kind of frame for your car. They might also exert too much pressure, which would damage the suspension. There is also the issue of increased risk.

The heavy, thick chains that are used to keep cars in place while being transported are extremely dangerous if they break. Contrarily, nylon straps are free of this issue. They are rather flexible and don't put as much pressure on the suspension. They are also less likely to contact anything besides the tires because they are not fastened to the frame directly.

In essence, enclosed auto transport services that employ nylon strap systems go above and above to safeguard your vehicle from harm without compromising stability during shipping.

Route Variation

You might already be aware of how challenging it can be to move a vehicle across the country to a new city, state, or across the border if you've seen how large a multi-vehicle trailer is.

Up to two levels of cars can fit on multi-vehicle trailers. They may make up to 90% of all deliveries for vehicle freight and can be up to 80 feet long. Multi-tiered trailers generally excel at delivering large orders or moving less expensive vehicles.

But they're not the best for getting to some places. An 80-foot trailer is challenging to maneuver. They may not fit on some highways with low-clearance bridges or small tunnels due to their height. This can make route planning challenging.

Additionally, it can prevent you from getting door-to-door delivery for your shipment.

These problems won't arise if you use an enclosed auto transport service. Yes, there are a lot of multi-tiered, fully enclosed vehicle trailers. But with enclosed shipping, you also have the choice to ship your car on a more compact trailer that can easily travel through tiny spaces, turn in tight curves, and fit on narrower highways.

Enclosed transportation is better for this reason. Routes and destinations that open transportation just cannot accommodate can be planned.

Sending Additional Items

Every carrier will typically advise against leaving personal belongings or home things in your automobile while it is being transported. In addition to not being their responsibility, they are typically not protected by carrier liability and cargo insurance.

However, if you select enclosed car transport, some providers might let you send additional items within your vehicle. When moving into a new house or traveling, this can be quite useful.

Although not assured, this service is something you should negotiate with the provider. However, because of the lack of security, protection, and insurance coverage, it is a potential that you won't have if you choose open transit.

Are You a Fit for the Service?

Rarely does it make sense to choose enclosed vehicle transport for an inexpensive automobile? When possible, however, covered trailers should be used to carry premium cars, antique cars, and even autos of sentimental significance.

Moving a vehicle hundreds or thousands of miles in an enclosed environment, away from sunlight, rain, debris from the road, snow, hail, or other vehicles, entails far less risk.

It's also a terrific method to ship a car to an event and ensure that it shows up spotless and prepared to be displayed to the crowd. Although enclosed auto transport may not be the most affordable option, it is the safest, and carriers can charge more because of all the extra benefits you receive.

Feel free to get in touch with us to request a quote and learn more about how we can handle your transportation needs if you're wanting to ship an automobile and want to ensure that it receives the best care and consideration possible.

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