What to expect during your car shipment delivery?

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Knowing what to expect during a car delivery will help you avoid stress.

If you chose the right trucking company and checked its reputation with the FMCSA, the delivery process should go smoothly. You kept in touch with the driver or their dispatcher and were aware of the truck's arrival time.

Delays can occur on the morning of delivery. City traffic, as well as delivery to you, can delay the driver. Provide a good gap of 3 hours from the driver's expected arrival time, just in case.

Find a large open area or a large, wide street where the driver can safely unload your car. The closer to your address, the better, of course, but keep in mind that trucks are not allowed on all streets.

If the driver is familiar with your neighborhood, they may already have something in mind. Be sure to give this information to the driver.

Have cash or a certified check made out to the carrier if you pay cash on delivery (COD - Cash on Delivery). It's a good idea to have proof of payment to show to the driver. COD is common in the industry, and drivers are reluctant to release the car without payment or proof of payment. Otherwise, you will have to contact his back office because he may not have been properly updated.

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