How much does it cost to transport a car?

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In case you are moving across the country to report to your new job, you may want to use your car when you get there, and driving it across the country may not be a good option for you. Or perhaps, you are planning to spend your winter in Miami. It might be convenient and easier to get there by air, but you may still want the luxury of driving your car around while on vacation. In cases like these, it will make sense for you to get an auto transport firm to haul the vehicle to wherever you are planning to go.

When you send us a transportation request, we will either manually process it or use our systems. One of our experts will then confirm the rates for you. For maximum efficiency, we have different resources at our disposal that we use for transportation.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Cost of Transportation?

No one wants to overspend on transportation costs, especially when you have other things to take care of. The car shipping price estimates for the state of California ranges from $ 800 to $1,070. The following factors determine the cost of transporting a car:

  1. The Type Of Vehicle That is Being Shipped
  2. Sedans are way cheaper to transport as compared to big vehicles such as the 4WDs, trucks, and SUVs. The modification to suspension also affects the transportation costs. Vehicles that have been fitted with large tires will cost more than those with smaller tires. If you want premium vehicle transportation package and full enclosure of your vehicle during transportation, the costs will be much higher as compared to the standard transportation package. Basically larger cars are more expensive to transport.

  3. The Distance to Be Covered During Transportation
  4. Distance is a major determining factor when it comes to the cost of transportation. If you want your car to be transported from coast to coast, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to foot the bill. Transporting your car within a metropolitan area will be much cheaper as compared to transporting it across different states.

  5. The Location Your Car Is Being Shipped To
  6. Do you want your car to be transported to accessible urban areas like cities or you want it shipped to a rural area? Though this may not be a major factor, hauling your vehicle to rural areas that are hard to reach may attract higher transportation costs.

  7. Will The Car Be Transported From Depot To Depot Or Door To Door?
  8. Depot to depot shipping is less expensive as compared to door to door shipping. If your car is shipped from one depot to another, you will be charged for the daily vehicle storage. If you are far from the depot, you will also incur additional transport costs.

  9. Cost Of Fuel
  10. Fuel prices vary from one state to another. The greatest variable cost in a majority of transportation companies is the fuel costs.

  11. Operability Of The Vehicle
  12. Is your vehicle drivable or inoperable? The transportation costs may increase if your care is inoperable since a tow truck or special equipment will be required to load and unload your vehicle.

  13. The Urgency Of The Shipping
  14. We offer standard and express rates to our clients. However, the express delivery may be affected by factors such as quarantine inspection and distance.

  15. The Season Of The Year
  16. You should always consider the season of the year when shipping your car since it will have a major impact on the cost. During the summer, many Americans relocate either for vacation, work or school. This is the peak season for the transportation companies. Due to the high demand for transportation services, the prices usually increase significantly.


A majority of car transportation companies in the market today inflate their prices and then go ahead and provide poor services to their clients. This is a negative trend that has plagued this industry for the last decade. However, Haulcars believes in good service delivery as it is key to retaining clients. Our transportation services are also reasonably priced, and our clients get the value of their money. We will only charge a deposit after you have been assigned a carrier.

We provide transportation services for all types of vehicles. The deposit that you pay after you have been assigned a carrier is a small fraction of the total cost. We do not have any hidden transportation costs; we disclose all our costs to our clients.

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