Why is it better to choose a transport company for car transportation than to transport the car yourself?

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We live in a pretty big country by any measure. Although this has its perks, it also create certain challenges, especially in the transportation sector. While our transport system allows us to conveniently move from one corner of the country to another, the challenge comes in when we want to transport cars.

Whether you have moved to another State or have bought a car from a dealership outside your region, you mostly have two options. One is for you to drive the car yourself and the other is to hire a car transportation company. While there is a case for both options, this article will shed some light as to why using quality auto transportation services is the best option.

National Wide Coverage

In some instances, it might be logistically impossible to drive your car from one part of the country to another. The problem might be long distance, which calls for a lot of time and energy to successfully accomplish. Some people simply do not like the idea of driving on the highways in unfamiliar places for several days. In such situations, it is best to hire us. We have representatives all over the country, who are experienced and happy to serve you. No matter where you end up in the country, be assured that we will deliver your car to your doorstep in the shortest time possible.


When we mention safety, we are talking about both your safety as the car or cars owner and the safety of the car. Shipping a car across the country can be quite risky and dangerous, especially for an inexperienced driver. To save you from the perils of long distance driving, allow us to transport your car for you. Our professional team is experienced and well trained in safety while transporting your car, thereby ensuring that the car gets to you safely. Our safety record speaks for itself, with thousands of clients trusting us with their property.

Better at Handling Logistics

Imagine driving your car from the East coast to the West Coast. How much fuel money will you need? Which roads will you take? Which are the best places to stop? How long will it take you to get there? All these questions can be difficult to answer for the lay person, which ultimately increases the risks. Seeing that shipping cars across the country is our business, we have perfected that aspect of our service delivery. We will be able to accurately answer all the above questions and any other you may have. We will estimate the cost and time it will take for you to have your car which will help you plan for other activities.

Avoids Wear and Tear

If you opt to drive your car by yourself, you will be increasing its mileage. It will also suffer some wear and tear, especially if the distance is long. Our service on the other hand involves transportation of cars by truck, which means that your car will never touch the asphalt. It will therefore get to you as new and as shiny as it was when it left the dealership.

Transportation of Cars by Truck

Can Handle Many Cars

What happens to that person who owns a fleet of cars? What of someone who wants to buy more than one car at once? Do they drive one and then go back for the others until all are delivered? This is quite impractical and hectic. At Haulcars, we take that burden away from you. It is another perk of transporting cars by truck. We can transport as many cars as you need, in most cases at one go. This is not only convenient but also more efficient.

It is Less Expensive

This is especially true for people needing their cars to be transported for long distances. Although self-delivery might seem less expensive on paper, that is not the case. You will pay for gas, accommodation, food and other expenses on the way. On the other hand, our trucks normally transport many cars at once, meaning that the clients share the cost among themselves. People transporting several cars have an even better deal.

It is Stress Free!

At Haulcars, we have made the process of transporting your car anywhere in the US as simple and convenient as possible. Contact our friendly and dedicated customer care staff and they will guide you on the whole process. All forms and documents can be filled online, after which all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your car at your doorstep.

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